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(re)adopting the gold standard?

Finally I am getting around to post my two tidbits about the video which you can find right here from yahoo finance about Utah being one step closer to (re)adopting the gold standard. As it turns out – once you watch the video – Utah has recently decided that if someone wants to pay for something … Continue reading

Silver Investment Vehicles

Yesterday I posted about the benefits of investing in silver.  Today, I will expand a little about the different silver products one can get involved in as well as provide a decent list of alternative places where one can procure themselves whatever silver product they may be interested in.  I personally don’t chose banks for … Continue reading

Investing in Silver

I suppose another title for this post could be Silver: The Poor Man’s Gold.  Overall, commodity investing is frankly speaking the only type of investment (together with real-estate) which is so called “tangible”.  How is that different from buying a company on the stock market?  Truth be told, a commodity is something you can touch … Continue reading

CEO Material – aside post

CEO Material: How to be a Leader in any Organization by D.A. Benton – my book review here

The Intelligent Investor – aside post

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham – my book review here

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