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CEO Material by D.A. Benton

CEO Material: How To be a Leader in Any Organization by D.A. Benton is an excellent book.  This book is not only for people who want to climb up through the echelons of an organization but also for individuals who just want to be well respected, known as doers and just over-all be better people to work with in any corporation – large or small.

The book is split into different chapters concerning different character facets of someone whom I wouldn’t say only fits a CEO but anyone who wants to have some level of respect at work.  Some of them are personal attributes such as:

  • You Feel Broadly Adequate
  • You Can be Trusted
  • You Fit In
  • You Listen More Than You Talk
  • You Know You Don’t Know Enough

While others are more along the lines of what one should do in the workplace, such as:

  • You Cause People to Follow You Even Though They Don’t Have To
  • You Develop Others to Take Your Job
  • You Can Take Bad News
  • You Are Willing To Make Mistakes

Benton has included CEO and VP relevant quotes throughout the book.  In fact, what I like in particular is that the book is over-flowing with opinions and thoughts of senior managers who have been there and done that!  I actually bought this book just because of those quotes.

As I was reading the book, I made mental check marks of “doing that, doing that, doing that, must work more on that, ah – there’s something I missed”.  I figured if a book is able to engage me this much than it is definitely worth buying.




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