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Co-working spaces are great!

So – since I’ve now remembered that I do actually have a blog, I figured I might as well post on something which I’ve been really positively influenced by – yet, something totally unexpected and frankly speaking, totally “unlike” me.

I’ve founded 9thzero Solutions Inc back in 2012 – since that time I’ve worked out of the house – both myself and the folks that helped and continue helping me out.  Recently however I’ve hit a dry spell:  total black-out of ideas on how to keep the business going – never mind growing it!  Out of sheer curiosity (because it takes a long time for me to “pick up on new things”) I have googled “co-working space Toronto” and the very first link that popped up was Acme Works Co-working.  Boy was I in for a ride.


The moment I have walked into this place I was greeted by the owner, Christine, who gave me a walk-through of the “digs” and offered a 1-day free try-it-out option.

I am the kind of person who goes “by-the-gut” a lot in certain situations and this is a perfect example – which I do not regret.  Acme is a place where I find myself surrounded by like-minded folks who run startups like myself – or who are free-lancers – both having an entrepreneurial spirit.  Everyone here lives truly by the co-working spirit:

  1. Informal, spur-of-the-moment, ad-hoc discussions (in or around the kitchen) on how to deal with different business challenges
  2. Really low-key easy-going informal crowd of smart people
  3. A perpetual feel of a brain-buzz hovering around:  everyone (if not being already) has the potential of becoming an overachiever
  4. I myself am finally able to separate home life from work life without the concept of a “formal” office and a “formal” office culture.

The rates are pretty good, the value is tremendous and 9thzero Solutions Inc has now found a new home at Acme – I would encourage entrepreneurial folks in Toronto to really come check it out (address is @ the Acme website linked to throughout this article) – for the folks not in Toronto, do take the plunge and explore the possibility of executing your “world domination” plans out of a co-working space as opposed to your home.


Michael W.


About Michael W.

Project Manager for a large financial services company. Non-denominational closet investor. Entrepreneur running a small shop with a big idea


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