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The Importance of Like Minded People to Make You Act

I am a firm believer that success (whatever your definition of “success” may be) is firmly dependent on you and you alone.  If you live in a country with the freedom of expression and the freedom to act than there is nothing that can prevent you from reaching for the stars.  Having said that however, the main different between successful and not-successful attempts at success is not the idea but the idea’s execution.

I remember back in the early 2000’s I came up with an idea for an online invoicing system.  Heck, I’ve built an online invoicing system for a company I used to work for.  It was over a year of hard work but my boss at the time liked it so much that he was wondering if this can be something which can be re-sold.  Although the system I’ve built was for the internal needs of the company I worked for, I realized that I can do something that can be utilized by everyone – from smaller companies to freelancers.  I was so excited that I dreamt of millions, private islands and …. that’s where it stayed.  Why?  Because although the idea was phenomenal, the execution was not there.  I have not written a single piece of code towards this concept and instead, have taunted to myself how great of an idea it was until Freshbooks came along and I went “oops”.

Although the failure to get an invoicing system off the ground was mine and mine alone, I think that were I to surround myself with like-minded starter-uppers I would definitely be able to help myself out by increasing my motivation to start executing.

Fast-forward to 2012.  I have started 9thzero Solutions Inc thanks to a small contract with a huge Canadian company and having worked at home for the past 3 years on it, sometime in 2015 I have come across a major slump, stagnation, brain-freeze and motivation-homicide.  So much so that I even contemplated selling the business off.  And than (surprisingly) I found myself working out of a co-working space (read more about it here).  Suddenly I became surrounded by like-minded folks who are constantly trying to re-invent and adapt to constantly move forward.  The sole concept of being surrounded by such people is an incredible inspiration and motivation which gave me a huge boost to try and continue with the process of climbing that rather difficult mountain to get to the top of whatever I am climbing.


It totally did not turn out to be along the lines of my sometimes wako conspiracy theories.  Nobody is going to try and steal your idea, nobody is interested in one-sided “let’s take advantage of this guy” type of attitude.  On the contrary, my experience has only shown me that the people I came and come across want to excel and more so, want to excel through the exchange of ideas, through the process of sharing their experiences and learning through the experiences of others.

So, if you’re in a slump, a motivational stagnation or simply have a great idea, the very first thing that you should do is to surround yourself by likeminded people – and the best (so far in my opinion) way of doing this is to get yourself to a co-working space.  Pick one where you feel “the vibe” is right.  The sole fact that you will need to pay for your space there will make you accountable for your time and will force you to act upon your idea because nobody likes to burn through cash with no purpose.  The people surrounding you, will only fuel that fire.

Good luck with the implementation of your ideas – now get off your ass and act!

Michael W.


About Michael W.

Project Manager for a large financial services company. Non-denominational closet investor. Entrepreneur running a small shop with a big idea


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