9thzero Solutions
9thzero Solutions Inc.

9thzero Solutions Inc.

If you haven’t already gathered that much about me, I am fairly interested in generally various enterprises which may potentially result in a decent financial upside.  Whether it is playing poker, playing around in the stock market or actually working at FIS Global (which I consider the equivalent of having a horse-shoe up my a** – that’s how lucky I think I got with this gig) I am in general interested in making cash to get to 2 goals: a) Retire much earlier than the average population and b) Enjoy the path towards financial independence – this is not to be understood that I want to make billions, but simply to have enough to take care of myself, my wife, my family and in general people who are dear to me.

So – as it turns out, another arsenal towards my pursuit of financial independence is a company which I have founded on January 1st 2012.  This company is called 9thzero Solutions.  As luck had it, I come from a software development background and although I now work in a role that really does not involve any software development, I was always open to programming gigs outside of my day job – one such gig turned out eventually into a major 6-figure contract over a period of about 1,5 years – and, luckily still going strong.  As the project grew I ended up hiring contractors to help me out and currently am employing anywhere from 5 – 9 individuals scattered around Central Europe, Asia, and Canada (some in Ontario and some in the Maritimes).

9th0 is a member also of the Polish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce and I make a fairly reasonable effort to attend events which are being hosted in Warsaw, Poland – I have to say the people there are fantastic and very eager to help out get business rolling in Poland.  So far, this part of my venture has not been too successful but success is not expected right away – it is expected after a lot of hard work, sweat and the proverbial “tears” – and not enough of that has been put into that yet to be successful in that geographical area.

9th0 deals with eLearning solutions – in particular eLearning solutions for the HR sector – you can read up all about what the company offers on the company’s website.

On occasion I will be posting tidbits about eLearning or what the company is up to for the ones curious about that.




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