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The Importance of Like Minded People to Make You Act

I am a firm believer that success (whatever your definition of “success” may be) is firmly dependent on you and you alone.  If you live in a country with the freedom of expression and the freedom to act than there is nothing that can prevent you from reaching for the stars.  Having said that however, … Continue reading

Co-working spaces are great!

So – since I’ve now remembered that I do actually have a blog, I figured I might as well post on something which I’ve been really positively influenced by – yet, something totally unexpected and frankly speaking, totally “unlike” me. I’ve founded 9thzero Solutions Inc back in 2012 – since that time I’ve worked out of the house … Continue reading

Choosing and Managing The PERFECT (Remote) Team

First of all, a little disclaimer on my behalf.  This article is written from a perspective of my own experience running 9thzero Solutions Inc.  9thzero Solutions is a small software development shop focusing on eLearning initiatives mostly for the Human Resources sector therefore the opinions are entirely my own and although they have and are … Continue reading

What makes a good manager?

Throughout my career (spanning more than a decade) I’ve been exposed to some really awesome managers and some really less than awesome managers.  Through it all, I was absorbing and learning what is it that I would do and what is it that I wouldn’t and have come to the following conclusions: You do not … Continue reading

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