Let’s face it:  I have a day job.  In fact, I have much more – I have a career which I love and enjoy.  In fact, I could probably careless about the investment / poker component of my life if I wouldn’t have some sort of a weird genetic make-up in me which makes me impermeable to the risk factor and the fact that I need more than just my career-choice to utilize my brain otherwise I would get bored – and hence the other two categories in this blog.

So why “Management Tidbits”?  I’m the kind of person who enjoys the ladder.  I enjoy the back-door politics (which are different than back-stabbing – never done that, never will), the people management, the projects, the challenges, the pats on the shoulder and all that is commonly associated with big corporations – yes, I do work in one which spans 50+ countries around the world and employs thousands of people.

Ever since the smaller company I worked for was acquired by the behemoth, I have been without much of a title as “organizational-whatevers” keep happening, but I do like to term myself as a firefighter – throw me into the fire and I will either extinguish it or contain it.  This blog will also contain some posts about what I think management should be like or some experiences of what not to do which I learned on my own skin (yes, I did / do manage people).

Hope you enjoy posts of this nature as well,


Money Crumbs



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