This blog is about a number of different topics and in general, each of the categories warrants each own myriad of specialized blogs.  My interests however span everything and the categories I’ve included in this blog are really subjects about which I can have a decent conversation with most people.

This is actually my n-th attempt at blogging and hopefully this time it will catch on as I am spending actually more than 1 hour setting this thing up (not because it is difficult but because for some reason, on a rainy Saturday in mid-may in Toronto, Canada – I find myself caring about this enough to do it).

I have a career and a selected group of friends tested over time.  I truly believe in quality over quantity.  I used to have tons of people whom would know me and whom I would know but time serves as a fantastic sifting device which ends up exposing the true gems out there which I would qualify as my friends.

My business beliefs would be considered by some as “vulture-style” – I call it value-investing.  If there is a clear opportunity of getting something way below value than why not take it – it’s business not charity.  I see nothing wrong in purchasing a house in the US for $30,000 (and even bargain for less) from someone who dropped a lot more on it than they should have in the beginning and now can’t afford it anymore.  Why do I think it’s ok?  Because you should not be getting anything that you can’t afford.  It’s a big bad world out there and if you walk on the thin line without a balancing pole, you’ll get sharked.

I have decided to blog in part because I have done a significant number of investment mistakes resulting in a lot of losses and I don’t think people should repeat my mistakes – as I blog on different topics, I plan to share some of those with you out there.  I hope that by that I contribute a little bit to civilization moving just a little bit ahead 🙂

Now all you need to hope for (if you care up to this point) is that I have a big enough drive to keep this blog active with posts.  I’ve got a bit of an attention deficit thing 🙂

Enjoy (or not – your call).

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